Delicious-ness: Table Saw!

Yipee Skipee!  My in-laws gave me a table saw!  I wonder how they knew I wanted had to have one?

A 10 inch Skilsaw table saw.  This baby will miter, rip, do dado and rabbet cuts - nice...
Look at her - isn't she pretty!

I woulda done a happy dance when it got dropped off by the delivery folks - but I was nursing... no worries.. I do a happy dance every time I see it now.

It took foreva to put together (the manual said 2 hours - but that means all day if all you have is 5-minute nibbles of time between other demands).

I wanna play with it SO bad, but honestly, I'm a little intimidated.  What should our first date project be?  I don't want to move too fast - we have years to get to know each other better...

Is it wrong to have a table saw in your bedroom?

What do you think would be a fun table saw project?  Cabinets?  Maybe a nice mini shed for it to live in?

Thanks Nancy and Doug!  I lurve it like you just can't know! Bookmark and Share
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