DIY To Do List for 2011


I’m so looking forward to checking some new DIY off my 2011 to do list.


Here’s some of the high points I’m looking forward to this year (plus pictures to give you an idea of what I want to do).


1.  Book Storage for the Playroom



2.  Shelves in Bamm-Bamm’s Bedroom

I couldn’t find a picture of what I want to do in Bamm-Bamm’s room.  Which is great - ‘cause you’ll all be surprised then ;)


3.  Built-in Bench for the Kitchen Island

also unknown


4.  Backyard Deck (complete with DIY brick oven)

The Family Handyman


5.  Murphy Bed in the Guestroom



Guess those are the big ones, and who knows when I’ll be working on them (a girl’s gotta dream big right?!)


What are your plans for this glorious new year?

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5 Responses
  1. I love those benches by the kitchen island. Too bad I don't have the room for something like that.

  2. Dang girl that is a wopping heap of a list. You have such great ideas I love the book nook!

  3. I had to laugh the first time I saw you refer to your son as Bamm-Bamm because that is what I called my youngest. Well actually, he had two nicknames - Bamm Bamm and Taz (as in Tasmanian Devil!). Great list of projects you have planned! I have been toying with adding a murphy bed in the small room I am currently using as my office. There is a perfect alcove to tuck it into. But that is not on my list of projects for this year but a deck sure is.

    I look forward to seeing how your projects turn out!

    ~ Tracy

  4. Good luck on the deck Tracy! I'm getting kinda intimidated by my deck idea, but I figure it's because I don't yet have a plan ;) I'm pleased to know someone else has a Bamm Bamm in the family - a perfect nickname I think! And now that I have two boys I might call them Earthquake and Aftershock!

  5. We've got a Deck in our plans for 2011 too - like the one in your picture with the built in flower boxes.

    Good luck with your projects!

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