Challenge Organization: Week 1 - Kitchen

Thank you Laura @ Organizing Junkie and Maryann@ Domestically Speaking for giving me some incentive to clean and organize my house (my husband thanks you too).


This week’s challenge – the kitchen.  I don’t do the cooking, but that doesn’t mean keeping a tidy kitchen isn’t my responsibility (he cooks – I clean – most women would agree it’s a fair trade).


So I dove in… and I’m not done by a long shot, but things are starting to get better!


1.  I don’t have to do it all this week (I have 52 weeks to organize the whole house – so I’ll pace myself! ;)


This cabinet wasn’t terrible, but there was a little of everything – no overarching theme here (except messy).

2.  To organize sometimes it gets messier before it gets tidier.  So true – I’ve still got stuff all over my counters.


Now, I’ve got medicines in a basket at the top, flours in the middle, and oils/vinegars on the bottom.

3.  Put like with like, and place it near where you use it.   A drawer becomes dedicated to vitamins.  Baskets for medicines and flours.  I used to have these things scattered all over the kitchen!


And I learned something.  I had some of these exceptional gluten-free flours from Norway – being saved for a special day.  When I had gathered them together, I had more than I thought.  I also realized that I was hoarding them!  There’s no point in having something special if it never gets used because it is too special.  I am going to use these flours – they aren’t doing me any good in the cupboard!


Oh my goodness I can NOT wait to see everyone’s organized kitchen projects!

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