DIY Book Nook for the Kids

I’m pleased with the new book nook in the playroom.

It was maybe the cheapest build I have ever done – most of the lumber was from MDF scraps left over after other projects. 

At just 3.5 inches deep – it doesn’t use a lot of wood.   A 3/4” spade bit cut the sides for the dowels.

The wall is a different kind of square at the top and bottom, so I used copious amounts of caulk at the edge to hide the gap.

My handy dandy Dremel MultiMax cut holes in the 1/8” hardboard back for the outlet and light switch.  I used box extenders to “extend” the outlet and switch box to their new depth with the bookcase in place (see this post for more on box extenders).

I also used it to cut down the outlet cover so it would fit (a little sanding cleaned the edge right up).  Don’t use your table saw for this – it will shatter the plastic (I learned that the hard way ;)

Now, the playroom is still messy – this doesn’t help the kids pick up their books (yet!), but they don’t dump them in a pile just ‘cause anymore.

For the uninitiated, the light switch can be a fun treasure hunt (but since the room has a skylight, it only matters at night).

Now I just need to build a little sofa or couch, and I can see sitting here reading to the boys “all day long” (as Bamm Bamm would say).

What are your favorite playroom or kids’ room storage?  Favorite kid’s book?  I like Where’s My Cow, by Terry Pratchett!

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5 Responses
  1. omg, I am totally copying you and making this for my son's room! There is a bump-out in there for his closet & I think this would be adorable on the side of his closet wall!

  2. New follower. This is my first reading and I am hooked! I need organizing tips badly! Will be back for more :)

  3. You are so clever. Great book nook! Let's see, my favorite children's books are Good Night Moon, the Runaway Bunny, and Where the Sidewalk Ends.

  4. First time to your site but i'm pretty sure
    i keep coming back to get more ideas here..
    i love your book shelf...

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