Nursery Bedding: Crib Quilt

I finally finished making a crib quilt for my new bundle of joy!

I followed the instructions from this site, but will not go into detail here...

because I am no quilter ladies and gentlemen!  Quilts are hard (but it could be I didn't follow directions well *blush*).  OK hard for me...  I should try again, I think I'll do it better next time (and follow the directions)!

I would hate for anyone to follow my "instructions" on this one.  I have in the past believed that you can learn anything from the web, but if I try quilting again, I will certainly seek out a little hands-on help from someone who knows what they're doing!

Anywho, here's a picture - it looks great, but then again, you can't see the flaws if I don't show them to you, right?  

Either way, the quilt is functional and warm!!

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