Aw Shucks, you shouldn't have...

Thanks Amanda @ The Hand Me Down House  for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Love ya!

According to the terms of the award, I have to tell you seven random things about myself and pass on the award to seven new blogs I have recently discovered.
  1. I have a 2 month old baby boy.
  2. We call him Little Man (his big bro is Bamm-Bamm).
  3. I love milk.
  4. I just switched to rice and almond milk.
  5. My baby has colic.
  6. I often wonder if I eat too much chocolate.
  7. I'm addicted to blogging.
Random enough for you I hope!!

The following are all *new* blogs this year!
  1. Mommy Drinks Because You Cry is the funniest stuff I've read in a long time!
  2. Sweet Bee Hollow besides her cute blog, Becky is a fab friend!
  3. Crafts & Sutch, Erin's fast growing blog is full of beauty.
  4. Straight Stitches Adorable sewing projects and more
  5. Stash mama I love giveaways!
  6. The Trials of Big J and Little J Also a *very* new blog with lots of love and family fun
  7. Green Willow Pond  This one has got the craft projects I wanna do! (Supernew blog too!)
P.S.  I'm thrilled to hit 100 followers recently!  I love you all!!
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