Vintage Suitcase Steal

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!  My hubby is having quality time with the guy friends today!

Yesterday I went yard sailing.  
I got such great bargains ... 
probably because it was freezing and no one else seemed to be in the yard sale mood...  
those goodies usually grabbed up in the first 5 minutes were still there for the taking when my mom and I rolled up!

Yep, the pictures say it all!

I had a blast shopping (I wish it were always so good!)

 The little clock will be perfect in the vintage car bedroom (and the hands glow in the dark - how cool is that!)

I can't wait to fix up that metal cabinet!  Pre-WW2 and I bargained it down to $15!

I also got some books for bAMM-bAMM that I don't have a picture of 'cause they were snatched up as soon as I came in the door!
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