Vintage Car Bedroom: Painted Trundle Bed

This is the crib my son used to sleep in.  YES, I do know he's 3 (only just :) and what were we thinking!  It's cool... he didn't mind sleeping in a crib... but you are all right - it is time for a big boy bed!

I slept in a bed just like this when I was a kid...
My grandpa built 3 of these beds for me and my sisters, and this is the only one left.  We are lucky to have it.

I sanded this big baby and then primed and painted. I love the shade of green (Bamm-Bamm's fav color) I used, and it goes great with the rug in here.

It's bulky and doesn't really come apart for moving, so we had to cut down the footboard to get the bed into his room... but maybe I can put a "windshield" there instead?

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