10 Things...

You Do Not Know about Christin McCool

  1. I have a tattoo of a blivet (the optical illusion above) on my upper arm (I got when I passed my qualifying exams)
  2. It took me 8 years (oops only 7, it just feels like longer!) to earn a PhD (and I've spent a total of 26 years going to school!)
  3. I was homeschooled (for 1 year)
  4. I was born with black hair (then it fell out and came in blond)
  5. My husband and I broke up >3 times while we were dating (guess we didn't realize we are perfect for each other?)
  6. I've cleaned up monkey poo (don't ask)
  7. If either of my sons had been a girl I would've named her Bonnie
  8. I used to have a cat named Bonnie (my Mom hated the idea of naming a kid after a cat - but I just like the name! :)
  9. I was 20 before I got my driver's license
  10. Like Sunny, a lot of things I do on this blog are my first time
Thanks for the Challenge Sunny!
For Sunny's list go here
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