Vintage Car Bedroom: Headlight Nightlights

The next step in the transformation of my son's bed into a "car" (or rat rod, as we've started calling it) is the addition of car headlight nightlights.

I picked up a pair of these push-on lights for $1 each at the thrift store.

They didn't work anymore, so how can they be turned into plug-in nightlights? 

I painted the rims of the lights with chrome spray paint (this stuff is hard to work with - let it dry for a few days!)

I drilled two holes into the bedframe where I wanted the headlights to go.  (Sorry for the crappy photo - I took it at night.)

Removed the small bulb and replaced it with a chandelier-type bulb wired to a plug.  The wire goes through the hole in the bed.  I used duct tape to hold the light in place, but took this picture first.

Everything screwed back together and both "headlights" plugged into a light-sensitive timer. 

Now at night, Bamm-Bamm's headlights come on for a few hours.

He loves "driving" his new "car", but he insists that the headlights be on!!  I think we'll have to put in a switch!

Looks a little like a Jeep don't you think?

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