How Long Does a Pumpkin Planter Last?


Well, I guess it depends on how you “treat” it before you plant in it.

Before planting in my pumpkins, I washed one of them with a bleach & water mixture.

Putting dirt in a pumpkin will definitely speed up the rotting process! 

I didn’t expect my pumpkin planters to make it to Halloween, but I’m surprised they rotted so quickly.

Still, can you tell which one was washed with bleach first?

Yup, the one that’s still looking OK 11 days later.

So if you want pumpkin planters for Halloween, either clean them with bleach first, or expect them to look bad (really bad) after just a week and a half!


I’m tossing ‘em!

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2 Responses
  1. Cute!

    A few ideas? Maybe a pot inside the hollowed out pumpkin. That way you can pull it out to continue to treat the pumpkin, and there's less moisture and bacteria right against the surface.

    Also- this is an interesting read. This year I tried Vaseline on the OUTSIDE (the article says on the cut surfaces) of my pumpkins and they're lasting beautifully, but this has great info on the what works the best.

  2. That is great info Vianki!! Thanks! My least favorite part of Halloween is the rotting pumpkin ;) Anything to make them last longer!

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