My Projects in Progress: Problems

I've been feeling overwhelmed lately.

I've started a dozen projects, but haven't finished any of them yet.

I'm busy lovin' (and lovin' being busy) with these two little boys of mine.

I do miss doing my projects and writing my blog posts though.  I don't think I'm alone with this problem.

So why don't I finish my projects??

1.  Lose interest or run out of motivation.
I was so in love with painting, making, refinishing these items, but for some, that drive weakened before I even started.  Now they taunt me like mean 8th graders - calling me wuss and loser!  Instead of tackling them, I devise new projects that I want to work on more (and those don't get finished either!)
P9020012 This bedroom has big plans to add more vintage car goodness, like a wall wainscoted in corrugated metal and a very large DIY Route 66 sign.  But unfortunately, I’m not all hot and bothered to tackle this pigsty since my hubby has been sleeping here to get better rest (away from the 4 month old).  Lucky him (kinda).
P6200002 P9020005
Partly de-rusted and painted, I only have the big piece left to do.  But it is very hard, dirty, work and I’m waiting for my fairy godmother to do it for me (yeah well, it could happen).

2.  Need more than 30 straight minutes to work.
My kids don't give me great big chunks of time to get stuff done.  Little man (4 months old) used to take nice long naps on schedule, but he's thrown his schedule out the door in favor of fussiness and no one seems to calm him like good ol' MOM.  So these projects need a solid chunk of time for progress to be made on them, and I just don't have any.
I want to finish the built-in bookcase so bad!  It will free up the living room, bring us tons of extra storage and be a great series of posts.  But, I just can’t find enough time!

3.  Uncertainty and perfectionism.
I want to get to work on them, but I'm not sure what the next step should be.  I want it perfect!  So in a fit of indecision, nothing happens...
I am going to paint this fixture brushed nickel and it will look fab in my bathroom.  I hope.  Right?  Check out the ends, they’re missing (the bolts are 1/4” coarse – I can’t find anything that fits).  I think I’ll just screw on some wooden balls and paint the whole thing – that’ll look OK right?  Help!

4.  Can't afford it.
I've got this stainless steel sink, and some cabinet doors, just waiting for me to remodel the laundry "area".  Unfortunately, I also want a new stacking washer and dryer so I have room for the sink, and I want to do it all right the first time (paint the walls, build the cabinets, find space for everything...)  Until I can afford the washer & dryer, everything is on hold (it's even worse 'cause my current washer and dryer, though old and ugly and inefficient, work just fine! so I can't really justify the expense!)
P5190037 P2050006
  What a nightmare!
That’s just a small fraction of what I’m behind on…

What projects are you behind on?

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