Decoupaged Hope Chest

This hope chest is a much loved family heirloom.

My grandfather (who was a "wood artisan") made it for my mom, and when she moved to America she took it with her.  My parents are from Norway.

Since I received it, I wanted to add some traditional Norwegian tole or rose painting (called Rosemaling) to the chest, but do not know how to tole paint.  So I printed out some tole paintings, carefully cut them out, and decoupaged them onto the chest with Mod Podge!

Isn't that a cheap, easy (and great!) way to add some cultural art to a much loved piece of furniture!  You almost can't tell it's decoupage.

I'm partying at The CSI Project!

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1 Response
  1. This is AWESOME! I love rosemaling, but let's face it - it would never happen - so this is a great alternative for me!

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