Tripod Lamps

As I'm reading my blogs and enjoying the internets (and procrastinating on some new project posts), I'm seeing that tripod lamps are still all the rage.



So I thought, "I have a lot of new readers", "I'm so glad I've got a lot of new readers", "maybe they'd like repeat of my DIY tripod lamp tutorial", "I haven't posted in a while", "I hope my new readers will decide to stay", "What's for dinner tonite", and on and on.

Therefore without further ado, except for this "teaser photo", here's my DIY Tripod Lamp Tutorial (justclickhere)!

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2 Responses
  1. I joined your readers after you posted this tutorial so I missed it completely. I'm really glad you highlighted it again because something like this would be perfect for my office/studio! I'm going to print off the instructions and pass it by my husband for approval (Due to a previous, umm, incident, I'm not allowed to take on any projects that involve electricity without his okay).

    I really love your blog and I've got an award for you:

  2. Dude, the first picture with the two day beds hanging from the ceiling is awesome!

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