Master Bedroom: Curtain Headboard

If you want to make a bold statement in the bedroom, a floor to ceiling headboard is the way to go.

I love these two (three?) doors stacked up for the statement they make  - very dramatic, but I needed or wanted something softer for my space,

so I put up a curtain headboard.
As an added Bonus, this was a super cheap way to go (<$10!).

I bought this gorgeous cream damask curtain from the thrift store (it's a really wide & long curtain > 8 feet), so it's perfect for a headboard.

I used:

  • drapery pins
  • eye hooks
  • 1x2 (or 1x3) wood

I screwed the 1x2 on the wall above the bed just under the ceiling.

I bought these thingys (drapery pins) for attaching pleated curtains to (traverse) drapery rods.

I stuck a pin in each pleat.

Then starting at one end of the 1x2, I worked my way across.

Screw in an eye hook, hook on the curtain via drapery pin, stretch fabric, mark where next hook should go, repeat.

Before hanging the curtain I made sure it would be wide enough for my bed.  It did require some stretching.  For a narrower bed or wider curtain, you could always drape it a little, or go a little extra farther on each side.

If you can't find an enormous panel like I did, just use 2!

I love my curtain headboard, it works great with my "easy canopy bed" (post soon!) and gives it all a light romantic quality!

Hope you love it too!
By the way… anyone want me to post a house tour?!?

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46 Responses

  1. yes pleaseeee , a house tour would be great!!! I love what you do - you are my new idol! :)

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