Fireplace Giveaway


I have been thinking about getting a fireplace for our family/dining room.


I especially like the thin-style wall-mounted gel-burning types.


Easy to move around, kid-friendly (just hang it high), doesn’t require extensive remodeling (flue, mantel, etc), no smoke or messy cleanup, and they’re pretty affordable!


A dream came true with this giveaway at The Frugal Designer!


A beautiful Milan Wall Art Sunjel Fireplace will go to one lucky winner.


Even if I don’t win, the style and price is right, so I may just have to buy one!


The perfect thing for those cold winter evenings snuggling with your family!

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9 Responses
  1. yahoo! i can promise you will love this one, i loved the heck out of mine until we moved and i accidentally left it behind :( so sad..
    i added another method for entry too..go see!

  2. You are aware of the dangers with these gel burners? There have been some cases where the fireplace exploded - and have caused serious injuries. As far as I've come to understand the explosions were caused by user errors (not letting the fireplace cool COMPLETELY before opening and refilling), but I feel I have to mention it in case you are unaware.
    In Norway they will probably become illegal due to this.

  3. ... and now I see that this is not the closed type. Please remove my comment as it regards another product type.


    Good luck in the contest.

  4. ooh la la, I'm going to have to get Hot Stuff to put one of those in our bedroom!

  5. Thanks Sommer - I'll be happy if you win... I think our chances are good.

    Thanks for the info smgj... I'll make sure to be careful which kind of fireplace I get.

    MommaBear that sounds like a good location ;) Maybe I should look into getting 2 fireplaces! The bedroom is definitely a good idea. The kids don't need a fireplace anyway...


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