Missing My {Wo}Man Cave


The garage-workshop is starting to look great.

The drywall is all up, and my Dad and I will finish “mudding” it today… then paint this weekend!

There’s still a ton to do, and a few special things I’m hoping for {new pull-down attic ladder, washer, dryer, sink}.


It’s been weird not having my workshop though.


All my projects have been on hold while my table saw slowly rusts under a tarp in the back yard, and my tools are spread in piles throughout the house.

I’ll be inspired to do a project, and in my mind I reach for the tool off my pegboard tool storage book, and then… remember… that it’s somewhere in a pile in the guest room.


I think it’s making me a little depressed.  I was sick for 7 weeks too, with seriously sore ribs from coughing.  Now that I’m finally feeling better I’m ready to build and blog (and maybe clean… maybe ). 


More reason to hurry up and git’er done!


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39 Responses

  1. I like your power tool kit. And they look in very good condition good to see you do care.

  2. The transformation is great, it is amazing what someone can do with some power tools they are definitely something that I would recommend to others.

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  5. Hello Christin

    Really love the pictures. Particularly like the frames and how each picture is angled to the side a little on your website, how do you do that? That tool rack on the last picture - is it a Rubbermaid or something else?

    Also, what drywall driver are you going to use / using? I use the Vermont American (model 16627 I believe) and it really gets the job done. I'd recommend it for your project.

  6. Hello,

    You did really great job, it looks good..your way of describing your story is awesome.I like it.

    Thank you..

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  7. Right on! I love my power tools. I just got some new abrasive tools and love it. The stores in Toronto make way to much money off of me.

  8. Wow! The garage remodel is quite a project. Glad to hear you are feeling better and back in the game! Hopefully your table saw is back indoors and all cleaned up :)

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  14. It looks like things are going along very well! What ideas did you have for the new ladder? I imagine you must feel very odd without your workshop! I can online imagine what that would be like. I know everything look great when it's finished though.


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